Are you looking for a professional

    speaker, speech-writer, or a guest for a

    presentation or panel?  Call Alisa.  There

    is nothing she loves more than vibrant

    discussion about current events, the law,

    and everything in between!  Available for

    press/media, special events, public

    speaking, seminars and more!



   What are these links to the right?  They're

   clips to Bar Talk, a show co-produced in

   2016 by Alisa Levin in Chicago where some

   of us mouthy attorneys got together to

   discuss law, current events and client

   relations. If you want to see Alisa Levin in

   action, and her no-holding-back style, then

   these will give you an excellent "peek" into

   Alisa's style and wit!  

     Are you looking for a lawyer that will appraise your

     matter honestly, from the heart, and with legal skill?

     Do you want to understand your options, make

     strategy decisions and come out ahead?  We do too.

     At Levin Law, you will not find a more honest, straight-

     forward and forward-thinking approach to the law.  We

     want your trust and we will earn it, step by step. 

Meet Alisa Levin