I can't say enough about

   Alisa Levin. Professional,

   straightforward, honest, and

   extremely capable. She

   recently helped me with a

   tenant/landlord situation and

   not only did she give me

   incredibly helpful advice

   before I even had her on

   retainer, she won my case

   and achieved the best

   possible outcome for me,

   AND she even charged me

   less than I originally thought

   and agreed to because she

   was so honest about the

   actual time she needed to

   win my case for me.

   I will definitely retain Alisa for

   any legal needs I have in the

   future and I would

   recommend her to anyone in

   need of a competent lawyer.

   Heather M.

   Chicago, Illinois


I'm really impressed with Alisa's legal knowledge and professionalism.  We attended law school together, but practice in different cities.  Because my office is on the Illinois border (St. Louis, MO), clients sometimes have issues invoking Illinois law.  Alisa is my go-to source for answering those questions.  This is particularly true if it involves an appellate or real estate issue.

Neil Smith, Esq.

The Smith Firm

St. Louis Missouri

Alisa Levin handled a few legal problem related to construction that I had. She well versed in construction litigation. By the time I was done in her office I walked out with a feeling of security.  All my questions and concerns were answered.  My legal issues were resolve with swift action.  She packs a punch and make sure whomever she is representing she will go extra mile.  I would recommend her to anyone and she will stand by your side all the way to the end.

Shar Nahid

Studio H Construction LLC

Chicago Illinois

Hired for dispute with moving company.  Friendly, listened to our concerns, gave excellent and candid legal advice, and got us results.  Very honest in terms of legal outcomes. (Does not give advice that only lines her pocketbook, nor that makes her job easy.)  She would be willing to go the distance if asked to. Reasonable fees, and cost less than originally predicted.  Convenient office, with free (or very cheap) parking for client meetings. Very highly recommend.

Phil N.

Oak Park, Illinois

"Ms. Levin is an experienced and zealous advocate for her clients.  She is very effective and knows how to get results quickly and efficiently. She is hard working, earnest and truly cares about her clients."   Steven Ruffalo, Esq. Senior Litigation Partner Fuchs & Roselli, Ltd. (Chicago and Wheaton, Illinois)

[5.0 star rating] - Yelp

Alisa was our attorney for the purchase of our first home, a transaction that closed last week. We did not work with a realtor so were particularly dependent on her advice.  We really felt Alisa was in our corner and felt much less nervous throughout the the transaction process as a result.  She was extremely prompt in replying to email or phone calls, she provided us with detailed responses to our questions and concerns (we never felt we were rushed despite that we paid a flat rate). Also, Alisa has clearly seen a lot of transactions and knows both the law and the home buying process inside and out; for example, she was able to interpret the appraisal report for us and put the different items in the report in context.  She also negotiated with the sellers on our behalf. In sum, we were very happy with the advice and legal services we received from Alisa and would definitely like to use her again.

David and Sarah Gal

Chicago IL

June 2015

   We highly recommend Levin Law,

   Ltd!  Alisa's law practice

   exemplifies the comfort one hopes

   for when having to engage an

   attorney. Alisa has the talent for

   sniffing out details, making people

   accountable, recognizing options,

   and overall just making you feel

   like you made the best choice

   when it comes to seeking out legal

   support. I also believe her fees are

   very fair.. We will be working with

   Alisa again very soon to establish

   estate wills.

   J. Thomason - Chicago Illinois

I originally found Alisa on Yelp and hired her after speaking with several other attorneys.  She was personable, honorable and really thorough.  She reaches out to me on my case more than I reach out to her, which is unheard of when it comes to attorneys.  She's done some amazing work thus far and I am confident that she will have my case dismissed with one appearance or twho.  I am very happy with my choice and would highly recommend her.  

M. T., Attorney

Los Angeles, California

   I'm a Chicago landlord looking to evict one of

   my tenants for taking in a roommate without

   my consent.  Alisa Levin reviewed the lease

   and pointed out that it was non-compliant with

   the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant

   Ordinance (CRLTO) and my lease had

  several flaws that can make it more costly and

   take longer to evict a tenant in Chicago.  

   Alisa  suggested some options and I decided  

   to allow my tenant to terminate the current

   lease and sign a new lease adding the

   roommate with an agreed rent increase.  She provided me a copy of the CRLTO and a sample Chicago compliant lease to use with my Chicago tenants.  Alisa places her clients' interest first.  She could have gone forward with the eviction and made a lot of money in the eviction process.  But Alisa did what was best for me (not to mention saving me a lot of money by talking me out of the eviction).  Her honesty and integrity will keep me coming back whenever I need an attorney or legal advice.

   David T. - Chicago, Illinois

   July, 2015

Alisa was wonderful to work with.  She took the time to learn about my issues and we came up with a plan to resolve the matter.  She's efficient, authoritative, and knowledgeable.  I recommend her services to anyone looking for real estate law, litigation or business matters.

Marina Christos

President, Socialty Inc.,

Chicago, Illinois

  Yelp 5-Star Review

  This woman is an absolute prodigy.

 I can't say enough good about her. We had

 a pretty troubled path in the process of

 buying a house, which ended up with the

 contract released due to my husband job

 loss. Not only she made an excellent and

 timely job all through the process, she also

 turned out to be an outstanding dealer,

 which made us save a lot of money. Not to

 mention that she acted particularly sensitive

 from a human standpoint, in a tough time

 we deal with. 

 Professional, extremely knowledgeable,

 smart, willing all the time (weekends

 included), gifted with acumen and balance.

 She could had taken advantage of the

 conflict, pushing us towards a litigation in

 her own interest, while she advised us to try

 with a settlement, which she turned out to

 manage in a brilliant way, saving us time

 and money. 

 Honest and extremely professional, what

 else could you ask for when it comes of

 lawyers? As far as concerns our tough

 experience in this transaction, I would recap

 just like this: an invaluable lawyer.

Alisa delivered beyond our expectations.  We are a NY/DC based company, and needed good representation in Illinois to file a motion in court on our behalf.  She came highly recommended, and certainly lived up to it.  Our position was a bit of a long shot, but the briefs she put together got the job done.  The motions were well written, well researched, powerful, coupled with creativity.  She got the judge to grant our motion, and our company is bound to save monies deep into the six-figures as a result.  I would consider her a "go to" attorney for anyone facing the need for rock-solid representation for any commercial litigation.

​Ben Friedman

​Kopy Int'l Corp.

New York, New York

  Yelp 5-Star Review

  I have some rental

  properties in Chicago

  and was referred to

  Alisa by the National

  Tenant Network as

  someone that knows her

  stuff. Alisa recently

  helped me with leasing

  issues. Alisa was great.

  What I liked most about

  Alisa is how direct she

  is. I appreciated the fact

  she did not try to sugar

  coat anything nor hold

  back on her thoughts.

  Alisa is my new go-to

  person for any real

  estate legal issues.

  - Jerry G.

 Elmhurst, IL


   "In a single word, Alisa Levin is amazing!
    I worked with Ms. Levin on two different
    legal situations and she was a saving
    grace.  She guided me through the
    process and took the time to explain the
   situation, scenarios, options, and offered
   prudent advice.  She is honest, straight to
   the point, caring, smart as a whip, and
   trusting.  Not only that, she ended up
   saving me a significant amount of time
   and money.  If you need legal help in
   Chicago, look non further than Alisa Levin.
   She is the consummate pro."
   Amy Z.
   Chicago, Illinois

  I must say that I had very bad feelings and

  reservations about lawyers prior to making

  connection with Ms. Levin recently.  Not only

  she provided an honest opinion but guided

  me in the correct direction.  Her

  professionalism, expertise in realestate law,

  and her genuine desire to offer the best

  advise( even when she knows there is no

  financial reward for her to do so) for her

  customers are super!  Her public service is

  evident from her articles she publishes online

  regularly.  I highly recommend her.

   Paen B.

   Chapel Hill, North Carolina

​   "Alisa is a godsend and an angel down from

    heaven to help us defend against

    vexatious litigation."

    Frank V.

    Chicago, Illinois

   I have nothing but good things to say about Alisa. She

   helped me through some contractor nightmares to push

   for what I needed to be fixed.  Not only did she help me

   understand the situation better and what my rights were,

   she also coached me through multiple options.  I'd refer

   Alisa to anyone as she is very knowledgeable, trustworthy

   and a great listener. 

   Colleen - Chicago, Illinois